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    Default Name Filter Presets - update required


    This is a minor issue really. In the "Tweaks" dialog there are "Name Filter Presets". It lists "Delphi Source". Technically in is now called Object Pascal again - yes, the Delphi product can't make up there mind. The language was Object Pascal, then Delphi, now Object Pascal again.

    Secondly. The "Delphi Source" in it truly referes to any Object Pascal source code, should really inlude the Free Pascal and Lazarus supported file extensions too:


    Where *.pp is often used in the Free Pascal source code, and *.lfm is the extension used for Lazarus' form files.

    This same changes should also be applied to the "Tools -> File Formats..." settings. The name and the file extensions. I know all these are user customisable, but it would be nice if this was correct out of the box.


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    Thanks for the feedback. We probably won't change the filter for a minor update, as this could introduce files users do not expect, but is something we would evaluate during a larger update. As mentioned, it's encouraged to customize the filters as needed.
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