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    Default i'm new to the group. hopy everybody help please

    Hello, longtime user of BC4 and there's one usability issue that always makes me cringe. I mostly use it for 3-way merges of conflicts during VC merges, which means mostly I'm interested in seeing the first conflict, resolving it, going to the next, etc.

    But the "Next Conflict" and "Previous Conflict" buttons are always available on the toolbar, even if there is no next or previous conflict. I have to click the button then be told "Conflict Not Found". Why not just disable/gray out those buttons if there are no conflicts?

    It may seem like a minor change but with the number of times I need to do this, it would save a lot of time and make merges slightly less painful It'd be great to also get a visual indicator somewhere like "n conflicts remaining". With files that have changed a lot, those red areas can get lost in the sea of changes.

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    The button does not disable, but does color differently if there is a detected Conflict above or below. Look for the arrow color to be a brighter color if there is a conflict, or dim if not.

    The bottom left status bar also shows if there are any conflicts or differences.
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