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    Default [Help] Flashing Taskbar Button Once Ready?

    Beyond Compare is copying stuff in the background.
    In the taskbar I can see the process "..% drivename<->"

    Once done, I would like to have (at least as an option) the taskbar button flashing, so I can do the next copy-job.

    Right now Beyond Compare is ready and just 'waiting' until I remember to check it out. A waste of idle time, because I was concentrating on other things.

    Maybe this is something somewhere in BC settings..?

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    Assuming BC3 b/c of the forum posting, under the Tools menu -> Options dialog, and in the Folder Views -> Confirmations section, you can enable to "Beep after long file operations".

    The Win10 taskbar icon will also show with the progress bar animation, so if that has finished then it would also be completed.
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