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    Default ClearDiffBC failed to get string value ExePath

    ClearDiffBC failed to get string value ExePath


    I just installed ClearDiffBC and followed the readme.txt. Now i get the following error:

    REG Get - Failed to get string value from 'SOFTWARE\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare\ExePath' in the registry
    (Error 0, The operation completed successfully.

    However, the operation does not complete successfully, nothing happens.

    When i look in the registry, there is no key for ExePath. Should i add one? What should the value be?

    Please refer to our service
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    To verify, you are using BC2 and an older version of ClearCase, on which version of Windows?

    The helper file you reference was last updated in 2006 by the user that created it, and may have issues with either newer versions of Windows or ClearCase. Did you perform a regular install of BC2 or create a portable install, and where is BC2 installed?

    Newer versions of BC4 support using a provided BComp.exe, as detailed here, and would not use this helper app:

    The newer versions of ClearCase Remote Client support defining an external merge tool in their Preferences, too.
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