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    Default size limit for hex compare?

    Using B.C. 3.0.7 I try to hex compare two files with the same name in two different folders, they have the same length, 372 MB (390.092.144 bytes). It shows only the content of one file, the other window is empty, and in the lower left corner it says error. I believe that it might be a size issue, since comparing two smaller files (128 MB) seems to work. Is it possible to check what the size limit is for hex and is it possible to increase it to at least 1 GB? Also, how can I check what is the error?

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    BC3 is 32bit and (depending on your system) supports files up to around 700 meg:

    What error text is shown in the corner?

    Also, all 3.x updates are free for 3.x users. You can update to 3.3.13 here:

    BC4 also supports 64bit, which increases the sizes that can be handled. You can install the trial of BC4 without removing BC3 and test before purchase is necessary, to see if it works better for you:
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