I appreciate that I'm potentially asking for a lot here, but here goes anyway.

Where I'm working at the moment, they are using a product called Panvalet Librarian. Basically, this means that all source code is kept "hidden" in an internal library system on the mainframe and you have to use a front-end on the mainframe in order to see the actual code. ("Normally", source code might be kept in what's known as a PDS - think of it as being a directory containing a number of source files).

My question ... have you guys any experience of people using BC from the PC and kick starting a job on the mainframe that "unloads" the source code from librarian into a "normal" PDS/sequential file that BC can then access via FTP? Theoretically, the job could download the file to the PC, but I can see a hassle with that inasmuch as as soon as you make any changes between similar source files on the PC, you then have the hassle of uploading the changed code again.

Like I started, probably asking a bit much of the product or its usage, but there's no harm in asking. Thanks