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    Question Sort by Size not working correctly?


    I love this program and am lost without it

    However, something I'm having an issue with and maybe it's something I've done...

    I'm comparing 2 lists of the same files but there are differences. I have some files where there are 2 copies in each folder: the first is named xxxxx and the second is named xxxxx(1) in the left list but they are reversed in the right list.

    I am trying to sort by size so I can easily see which one is which, but when I click on the Size column on the left, it only sorts the left list by size... when I click on the right list Size column, it sorts the right list but then the left list goes back to the way it was before (or random, haven't seen any real 'order' to it yet).

    When I click on either list Size column, I want both sides to sort at the same time, not each side individually.

    Am I missing a setting or is this 1) correctly done or 2) an error?

    Thank you... keep up the good work


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    The alignment happens on the name, and sorting by size isn't able to break or realign the files. As you click to sort on size by one side or the other, that column is sorted but the aligned pairs (by name) would stay together.

    If you find files you want to manually align, you can right click and Align With to push specific pairs together. Aligning on criteria other than name is something on our wishlist, but is not currently supported.
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