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    Post Feature request: compare http request result (web page)

    A couple of times I found myself wanting to compare with

    I tried to paste a complete url into a text compare but didn't work.
    Saving a couple of pages with the browser is not a big deal, but is a bit time comsuming if it has to be repeated many times.
    Now that I think I could set up some "trick" on a web server to relay the request and make appear the result as a couple "physical" files on some file system, but still...

    What do you think? Did I miss some smart workaround already present in BC? Maybe webdav?
    Thank you for your attention

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    BC 4.2.4 on Windows should support opening URLs directly in the Text Compare. As an example, if you paste "" into the left or right path edit in the Text Compare and hit Enter, you should see the same text as viewing source for that URL in a web browser.

    If the behavior I described isn't working for you, what version of Beyond Compare are you using? What operating system are you using it on?
    Chris K Scooter Software

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