I have different folders with compares of the same file type. In my case they are mainframe files.
If I change the grammar on 1 compare, the other file compares in other folders have the same grammar change.
Can I make the grammar unique to the folder where all compares in that folder have the same grammar ?
I tried to add grammar rules and the checkboxes are not being exercised. Here is an example below.

(All mainframe files in Folder 1 on Grammar checkbox)
X Item1=1 to end of line
Item2=1 to 71

(All mainframe files in Folder 2 on Grammar checkbox)
Item1=1 to end of line
X Item2=1 to 71

When I go back and forth between folder 1 and folder 2, the settings always change from 1 to the other.
The grammar change is global. I tried doing the lock option but that did not work.