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    Default Unable to copy text from when comparing 2 text files

    Hi, I am new to Beyond Compare and have just installed the BC 4 pro version on my Windows laptop.
    When comparing 2 word files, BC indicates very well the differences but I am unable to
    copy parts of the text from one file to another. Copy to left / Copy to right option on the window is visible but
    not active though.
    I am not sure but I am probably overlooking something very basic.

    Is there anyone who can suggest me what to check?

    Thanks much,


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    Word documents are converted to read only text files, so You cannot modify them.
    You can do this for these files.
    I open the folder comparison in one window and in another window I compare the content of the two files.
    When I want to modify one of them, I choose it in the folder comparison and do a ctrl+alt+enter, that I set as the short-cut to open with the associated application, in this case Word.
    So, I open one or both files in Word and do the changes and then save them.
    Beyond Compare detects these changes and in its window reloads them.
    So, it is a work-around, but it works for me.


    Rodolfo Giovanninetti

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