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    Default Feature Request: Editing in Table Compare

    When comparing CSV files using Table Compare, I often find myself wanting to copy a block of cells (or maybe an entire column) from one side to the other. Currently the only way of doing this (that I'm aware of) is one cell at a time. This is fine if there are just a few cells to copy but it quickly gets pretty tedious if there are a few hundred. (Sometimes I can just go back to Excel and doing the copying there, but this isn't always possible if, for example, the files are sorted differently.)

    Is there a way in BC4 to select a block of cells on one side and then copy them to the other side? I suppose what I'm really asking for is something equivalent to the Full Edit feature of Text Compare, but for Table Compare. This would provide a degree of basic Excel-like cell editing, including copy & paste.

    I don't think any of this is possible now, but could it be added in a future release?

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    It's not possible for this style of selection or editing/pasting in the current release, but I'll add this idea to our Customer Wishlist.
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