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    Unhappy SFTP does not work with IPv6 domains

    I have a server that is running only on IPv6 and BeyondCompare (4.2.4/MacOS) refused to connect to it giving the same error: "Unable to load initial remote folder"... which is total none-sense because it doesn't even reach the phase where it would prompt for the host key.

    This had nothing to do with the configuration, as soon I put an IPv4 for the same machine it started to work.

    I tried other SCP clients using IPv6 and it worked without any problems, clearly a double issue with BC: SCP IPv6 support being broken and maybe even worse: generic errors messages that do not give any hint regarding the real issue behind.

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    Thank you for reporting the issue. Beyond Compare on Unix (macOS and Linux) doesn't support IPv6 SFTP. I will add it to our bug list for a future version.

    BC on Unix (macOS and Linux) does support IPv6 for FTP and FTPS.

    The Windows version of BC supports IPv6 for FTP, FTPS, and SFTP.
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