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    Default Ignore exif data when comparing images?

    I am comparing several large series of images in a nested folder structure. The files are uniquely named so I am using the flattened option for the directory structure. Some of the exif data for the same images does not match which I am fine with.

    Is there a way for Beyond Compare to treat exif data mismatches as unimportant differences? As it is now, I have to manually go through and verify each image is actually the same image just because the exif data is different.

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    Yes, with a small pre-step. Launch a new, blank Picture Compare, and disable the Meta tab to disable that part of the comparison. Close the new, blank Picture Compare, then go launch your Folder Compare and in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Comparison tab. Leave the defaults enabled (Timestamp, Size, Override), and also enable Rules-based content comparison. This will populate the Folder Compare's center column (between files, not folders) with the same results as double-clicking each pair.
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