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    Default Synchronize-rename file names

    I have two folders
    containing identical files (filesize, date, etc)
    however, the filenames are different, in one folder (say, in BC, the left panel) the files have a longer name then in the other folder, the left folder in BC.
    Both folders are sorted in the same way.

    The only way to get the same filenames in the right folder is to actually mirror from left to right, whereas actually only a rename is necessary

    Any ideas?

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    BC4 does not have the ability to align on content and offer a rename sync. If a mass rename is needed, you can use the Rename command to perform it manually, or copy the entire file with the sync command.

    If the rename is not needed to adjust the file name, you can define an Alignment Override to align files of a specific difference in names, and then compare the aligned files (which would return equal and not perform any sync actions).
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    Okay, thanks!
    Bad luck then. As said, currently copying is the only way to go, but in case of very big files and folders, well, that takes a while.
    Anyway.. thanks again.

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