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    Default Copy files when that same name is there already. Is there a way to rename it to xx(1)

    Trying to get into nuances of BC.

    For some reason, I have several different files with same name in different folders. I'd like to put them all in the same folder with BC.

    I get warned that there's already file xyz there. Do you want to overwrite it?

    I don't see if there's a way to keep both as we can in windows - xyz and xyz(1).

    Am I missing anything? I have BC4 Pro license.

    if it's not in there, is this on the list for a future version?

    any v5 or big release in the works?

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    BC4 does not rename the copied file, but can rename the overwritten file instead of overwriting it. This is setup in the Tools menu -> Options, Backups tab. This is only one level, however; the next overwrite will then overwrite the one level of backup. If you need multiple levels, you'll have to manually perform the rename on the destination first (which, can act on multiple files), and then copy over (which no longer overwrites, since the destination has been renamed to a different name).
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