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    Question BeyondCompare should be able to load based HTTP credentials from ~/.netrc

    I am comparing files hosted on HTTP servers very often (Jenkins XML configs) and in order to be able to access them the user needs to provide basic-auth.

    Most tools, like curl,curllib,requests,wget,... are able to transparently load credentials from ~/.netrc files, making easy to work with them.

    Still bcomp does not do this and due to this, we cannot use it right away: with bcomp url1 url2, unless these files are anonymous.

    Can we have this implemented? Is there a workaround that we can use that avoids adding credentials on the CLI, which is a big security risks.

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    Thanks for the feedback. BC4 does not support the .netrc file for credentials. The workaround would be to load the credentials into a saved Profile (Tools menu -> Profiles, +New FTP Profile). The saved profile can be loaded using the base folder syntax "ftp://user@ip/" that matches the Profile's name/info or by loading a saved session name that uses that saved profile.
    bcomp "session name"
    bcomp "ftp://user@ip/" "ftp://user@ip2"
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