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    Default How to maintain Folder date/time stamp?

    When I do a "update" or "mirror" if there are changes, the target folder date stamp get updated to current date & time. I would think in the "mirror" mode, it will keep the same date and time stamp for the folders (not just the files), but that's not the case. The date/time stamp is getting updated. Is there a way to keep the same date/time stamp for the folder as the source in the mirror mode?

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    BC4 supports preserving file timestamps, but folder timestamps are updated during the copy or sync. In fact, the folder timestamp is preserved as it is created, but once any items are copied in, the host OS updates the timestamp. This follows OS convention, similar to a Copy using Explorer. Often, folder timestamps will be updated as you interact with your files by the OS. It's on our wishlist to enhance and preserve the timestamp.
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