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    Exclamation Blank bcompare when running on Ubuntu 16.04 as root (gksudo)

    I'm running on Ubuntu 16.04 with xfce. If I attempt to run Beyond Compare with the gksudo command to be able to compare directories as root, it just comes up as a blank window with the titlebar set to "Beyond Compare (Root Session)". Beyond Compare runs fine if I don't try to use gksudo.

    There was an earlier post from 2015 with pretty much identical symptoms that had something to do with a particular version of Fedora, but the solution there appears to be gksudo-specific.

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    I'm using BC 4.2.4 (64-bit Edition / Pro Edition for Windows/Linux/OS X) on Xubuntu 16.04.4. If I run "gksudo bcompare" from a terminal window, BC seems to run normally.

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    To clarify the difference between yours and Dave's environment, how did you install XFCE (part of xubuntu or over a default unity install) and is it running with all applied updates?
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