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    Default Saving Settings for Table Compare

    We do regular comparisons of data using table compare where the configuration is the same each time.

    i.e. we have about 50 separate files where the file name and the keys to use for comparison, sort order, unimportant columns etc are the same for each comparison.

    Currently we have to set the keys, sort order and unimportant columns for each file, each time we do a comparison.

    Is there a way to save a set of rules so that we can just refresh the data and apply the rules each time?

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    Is this via a graphical interface comparison? You can open a blank Table Compare session, update its settings, then Save Session. This session can be loaded later, and then you drag/drop your files into it to compare them with the saved settings. You could also save a session for each of the 50 file pairs, then load the session for the pair that needs comparing.
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