Version 4.2.3 (build 22587)
Kubuntu 16.04

Yesterday I was comparing 2 versions of wordpress in 2 seperate folders. I knew there would be differences, so was surprised when BC4 stated all files were equal. Then changed how I 'selected' the fileset. The results were either 18 differences or 9 differences ?? But this was the same fileset ??

Whilst BC4 was running, the resources on the laptop seemed low, yet the cpu monitor showed cpu and memory not above 20 %. By 'low' I mean, response was very slow and video/display was taking much longer than usual.

Recently I used BC4 to compare a huge set of folders/files on another computer. Like it took all day to compare 2 hard drives against a portable drive. So now I'm concerned as to whether BC4 compared correctly or not ??