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    Default Comparing XLS files for new, deleted and changed records - outputting all changes

    Hi All -
    (Big breath) I hope this isn't too embarrassingly easy, but here goes:

    I have a 6k row XLSx file called October
    first col: empl_id (unique)
    25+ cols of 'other' fields

    I have a file with 6k +/- rows called November

    I can open the two in the trial of beyond compare, and see them lined up by empl_id, and highlight the rows that are new, deleted and changed. (WAY AWESOME!!!)

    I think I can figure out which columns to ignore. But here's the question:

    How do I output an XLSx file that only includes all the New records, Deleted Records and Changed records? In other words if there were 15 new ones added, 45 old ones deleted, and 45 changed, this file should contain 105 records grouped as added, deleted, changed.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


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    Beyond Compare can't output directly to XLSX, however there are two workarounds.

    1. Use the Session > Table Compare Report command to output comparison results to HTML. Open the HTML file in Excel, then Save As XLSX.

    2. Select View > Show Differences to only show New, Deleted, and Changed rows. Select rows, Edit > Copy to copy to the clipboard, then paste into a new Excel spreadsheet.
    Chris K Scooter Software

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