I've been attempting to install BC3 via the deb (bcompare- it's failing because ia32-libs doesn't exits for recent version of Linux (it's been replaced by other packages). However, it seems that all the things that ia32-libs provides are still available on recent Linux installs, but just under different names. If you can figure out what is needed and what it's now called, you can manual patch things together to make it work.

  • Has anyone figured out what things need to be installed to make stuff work?

The above also suggests that it might be "trivial" for someone who knows what they are doing to build a tweaked version of the latest deb that has metadata updates to replace ia32-libs with the more recent names. What is the chances of talking someone into publishing a .deb with said tweaks?

(FWIW: the reason I'm still trying to install BC3 is that I've used BC4 and find it to be an inferior product; e.g. the UI seem to have been redesigned placing a higher value aesthetic appeal at the expense of utility than the prior version did, where as I more or less require the opposite proritization.)