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    Default Rows are missing from on Beyound compare while doing data compare my saved excel shee

    I have data extract from my SAS database and save it as excel file with rows count of 12003 and also extract the same file name from my Linux box as a text file with pipe value.

    Under beyond compare all the rows and column are matching between two files. The only problem is the beyond compare has missing rows

    Any idea why!

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    In the Table Compare, are your Display Filters currently set to Show All or one of the other filters?

    If you are still having trouble, would it be possible to email into with:
    -a sample file
    -a screenshot showing the Row Numbers and the problem row
    -a link back to this forum thread for our reference

    Another quick test is to use your copy of Excel to Save As CSV or Tab Delimited, verify that export, and then open the temp file(s) in BC4, to see if there's an issue with the conversion or the comparison that's hiding the rows you expect.
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