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    Default Run BAT file at shutdown to synch directories across drives

    I have created a txt file called SYNC.TXT that looks like:
    load C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla D:\UTILITIES\WINDOWSMGMT\BKUP\Mozilla
    sync create-empty mirror:left->right

    I have created a BAT called SYNC.BAT that looks like:

    "C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare.exe" @D:\UTILITIES\WINDOWSMGMT\SOFTWARE\BATCH\SYNCH.TXT

    I cannot get the BAT file to work when I run it as an Administrator.

    However, if I open an Administrator command prompt and run "C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4\BCompare.exe" @D:\UTILITIES\WINDOWSMGMT\SOFTWARE\BATCH\SYNCH.TXT
    I have no problems.

    What I want to do is assign the BAT file using the Group Policy Editor to Computer Configuration ==> Windows Settings ==> Scripts ==> Shutdown so that it will run and sync the Mozilla directory on the “C” drive with a folder on the “D” drive when I shut down my computer.

    What am I doing wrong?

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    OK - found it. MY fault - I had an embedded blank in a directory name to make it sort to the top of a list.

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