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    Default SFTP directory comparison, binary, stale comparison results

    Hello Scooter, I just purchased and am running v4 (latest version). I am doing a directory tree comparison between two SFTP sites. When I do hard-refresh (Ctrl+F5 on Windows) the results are not updated -- meaning, files that have already been changed on the server (I mean before hitting Ctrl+F5) are showing as unmatched, when I know they are matched. It seems the software is caching the comparison data. Is there a way to correct this?

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    A Full Refresh (Ctrl+F5) will reload the comparison and should update the comparison. If you click Home and reload the session from scratch, what results does this show?

    Could we get an email with the FTP log? You can enable the debug logging in the Tools menu -> Options, Tweaks section, scroll down to Log Panel, and add FTP trace and Debug messages. Then Load your session, then Full Refresh. When you email us at please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference. Any screenshots you can also include would help.
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