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    Default Filter on a particular Value on a particular column while doing a "Data Compare"

    I'm doing a data compare between 2 CSV files. Left file is with 280 rows of data & Right file is with 1000 rows of data. Left file has only less number of information thats why there is a difference in the size. But there is a common Value in both the files which i wanted to compare.
    I've set the Key columns in Beyond Compare, but am unable to add a filter search for that keyword which i want to compare.

    is there a way to do it? if my explanation is not clear, please feel free to ask.

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    The Data Compare does not support filtering rows on a keyword present in the row. To exclude specific text as Unimportant, you would need to use the Text Compare (but this session type does not support Key columns).

    What kind of filter did you need to define? Is that text part of a specific Column, and could that column be marked as Unimportant (instead of Key or Standard)? If Unimportant, any changes in that column can be ignored with the Minor (Ignore Unimportant Differences) toolbar option, then the Show Differences toggle would show only rows with Important differences (not including differences found in the Unimportant Column).

    And a quick update, since I see you posted in the Text Compare forum: by default CSV files open in the Data Compare session type, but you could launch a Text Compare manually first, and open your files in this view instead. Specific text can be defined as Unimportant following this guide:
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