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    Question Mirror without deleting right orphans?

    Hi, folks, I have a script that needs help.

    Right= 1000+ XML files exported from a complex system. They all have the original export date.
    Left= The same files, exported today. They all have today's date. Most are unchanged. Some may be new (left orphans).
    Goal: Copy left orphans and binary differences to the right BUT don't delete the right orphans.

    What I tried:
    Sync Update only copies the left orphans, not the differences. That's not what I need.
    Sync Mirror deletes the right orphans. That's not OK either.
    Move left->right doesn't seem to do anything. Maybe I don't have the right selection.

    What's the proper way to copy only the selected new and different files from left to right?
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    Here's a script that runs a binary comparison, then copies files that only exist on the left (orphans) and files with binary differences from left to right.

    log verbose c:\log.txt
    criteria binary
    load c:\today c:\original
    expand all
    select left.orphan.files left.diff.files
    copy left->right
    Chris K Scooter Software

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    Perfect, thanks!

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