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    Default BC4 /TortoiseGit /conflict editing / Temporary files

    I'm trying to use BC4 with TortoiseGit as the merge/conflict editor.

    But I'm having an annoying issue with BC: TortoiseGit creates 3 files when a conflict resolution is started (.BASE, .LOCAL, .REMOTE)
    - when using TortoiseGit internal conflict editor if I cancel the merge operation the files are automatically removed
    - when using BC4 if I cancel the merge operation the files are NOT automatically removed.

    Is this a BC issue or a TortoiseGit issue ?

    Thanks in advance,

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    In my tests, when I would tell TortoiseGit to Merge, use the Resolve dialog to launch BC4 mergetool, and then cancel twice (BC4 and the Resolve dialog), the temporary files are left. As a GUI over a command line, it would need to send specific commands in order to issue deleting the files, which it probably does not do with a "Cancel" button.
    With documentation, the expected method to remove the temporary files is to accept the Resolve:
    A Clean-Up command would remove these files, but also would remove *any* files that aren't tracked (which may delete more files than you intend).
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