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    Default Can't change search settings

    i'm running the latest version of bc3 on windows xp, and i'm trying to set up a folder compare between a mapped drive and a usb drive. whenever i change any of the settings to a new (or saved) search, however, all the buttons on the left gray out, and i have no way to continue the compare.

    does anyone know what might cause this behavior, and possibly how i can remedy it?

    thanks in advance

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    On the home screen, if you perform any edits to a session on the right side, then the Open/Delete/Save As buttons are replaced with Open New/Save As/Cancel. The other buttons are disabled until the edit is either saved/opened or cancelled.

    Is this the issue you are running into? If you've made an edit on the Home but need to abandon it and launch a new Text Compare instead, you'll need to Cancel first, then click for a new Text Compare or other session.
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