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    Default Folder size not displayed when comparing and folder does not exist on one part

    When comparing subfolders in two different rootfolders that are partly the same
    the folder sizes of subfolders that are the same is displayed.

    However, the folder sizes of the subfolders that exist in rootfolder A, but do not exist in rootfolder B
    those sizes are no displayed.

    subfolder1 1GB <---> Subfolder1 1GB
    subfolder2 2GB <---> Subfolder2 2GB
    subfolder 3
    subfolder4 1.5GB <---> Subfolder4 1.5GB

    subfolder 3 does not exist in the right panel
    but does not display any filesize.

    Maybe this is correct by design (?) or maybe there is any option somewhere that I might switch on?


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    Yes, go to the Folder Compare's Session menu -> Session Settings, Handling tab: enable Automatically scan top-level orphan subfolders. These are usually marked as Orphan, but since they are unaligned we don't need to build them by default.
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