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    Default Copy speed to OneDrive


    I have been using BC for a long time and was happy when support for OneDrive was introduced. However there is a big problem and that is the copy speed. When I copy from my hard disk to OneDrive cloud service. It takes 50-60 sec for 20 MB when copying in BC4, if I drag-drop same file in the OneDrive web interface it takes 7 sec, all on a 100 Mbit upload fiber connection.

    Why this huge difference?

    Sten Palmqvist

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    A combination of API limitations and upload methods. We don't always have full access to the same functions a native app can use for transferring, so some of our Profiles are a bit slower. As libraries update, APIs change, or we're able to enhance our own methods of upload, we might be able to improve this.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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