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    Default Creating one HTML file per pair of files compared

    I hope my task is simple for BC. I have two versions of the same 'C' application. I need to create one HTML compare file per 'old' and 'new' of files compared. So, fifty .C files are compared and the diffs recorded into fifty HTML files. HTML files to have the same name as the .C file.


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    Our Folder Compare's Session menu -> Folder Compare Report, set to Side-by-Side layout with Include links to file reports enabled will generate individual reports for each file report, linked from a main folder report.html. However, these reports will not contain file names.

    Otherwise, you would have to generate each report individually, manually, and assign it the needed name as it is created. This could be done in the graphical interface or with scripting (script can automate the report generation, but would need to be externally given the literal text needed for the file report name).
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