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    Default Square box charactes in BC 4 Latest Version


    I'm trying out BC 4 in linux & unable to view text, it shows all square boxes instead of proper fonts. I'm using CentOS 7.3 & installed BC 4 in it. Note that my CentOS is not having GUI and I know that BC requires X-Windows & hence I added below line in my bash profile:

    export DISPLAY=<IP>:0

    Here, I've put IP of my Windows desktop in which I've installed same BC 4 trial version. Everything works fine in BC when opening directly from Windows, however, when I run the diff command in Linux, when the display gets transferred to my Windows via above exported command, it shows all square box letters.

    Is this a bug in BC? If not, how to fix this issue?

    Note: The same setup works in Windows 10 with built-in Ubuntu. Example, BC 4 installed in Ubuntu gets transferred to Host Windows 10 & it shows all fonts correctly. But the same does not work with a physical separate linux CentOS as explained above.

    Any help is much appreciated.

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    Do other X-Window applications launch correctly, such as Gedit?

    Some X-Window clients on Windows are buggy. What X-Window client are you using on your Windows PC?
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