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    Default Feature request: Aligning files with different names in Folder Compare view

    Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to use RegEx back references in Alignment Overrides.

    My use case / feature request: Align file pairs such as:
    where \1 = back reference to (.+)

    Desired alignments (example):
    fileNameBeg1_1.txt = fileNameBeg1_2.txt
    fileNameBeg2_2.txt = fileNameBeg2_7.txt
    someOtherName_0.txt = someOtherName_1.txt

    Renaming files before comparing or other "preprocessing" is not an option - I need this feature very often in my daily work.

    Proposed solution approach (I use this algorithm in an own project):
    regExFilePair = (.+)_\d\.txt:\1_\d\.txt         // (Example, value taken from user-defined alignment)
    for all files in folder 1 {
        for all files in folder 2 {
            sFilePair = filename1 + ":" + filename2 // (Note: Colon cannot appear in filename)
            if (sFilePair matches regExFilePair) then file pair is found
    I think it would be of great use to many users if this would be implemented.


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    Thanks for the feedback. This is something on our Customer Wishlist, and I'll add your notes to our entry on the subject. This is not a currently scheduled task, but our developers look at the wishlist for ideas for future features and enhancements.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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    Thanks for your reply. It seems to me that I have to continue to rename the files manually before compare (or to work with scripting solutions).

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