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    Default Beyond compare control should return back to variable

    Hello Listers,

    I have written an batch script that does the unpack-aging of war and repackaging and in the end I am invoking beyond compare that will show the differences between the old and the new folders.

    Would want to understand that when I close the BC it should pass an return that I shall capture and proceed with the rest of the steps in the batch.

    Please help me on this as the invoke of BC for comparison is breaking my flow.


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    BC4 does not have a command line return for showing a Folder Compare. If you are comparing as a file (not folder), you could use our /quickcompare command line, which would not show an interface but does give an %ErrorLevel% return. Different codes are documented in the Help file -> Command Line Reference chapter, at the bottom or under the /qc /quickcompare section.
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