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    Question Beyond compare text compare doesnt rearrange


    I have two tabular data as text file. One having around 80000 records and another have 50000 records.
    Both sorted with the first column. The first value from the 50000 record file is somewhere in middle of 80000 record file.
    When i load in beyond compare the lines doesnt get arranged to the respective ones in the big file.

    Thank you for your reply.

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    Is the First Column currently set as a Key (right click the column header, set to Key, Standard or Unimportant)? And in the Session menu -> Session Settings, Alignment tab, is it set to Sorted Alignment?

    This combination should sort by the Key. Are you seeing different behavior? Would you be able to post or email a full screen screenshot or two? If you email us at please include a link back to this forum thread for our reference.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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