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    Default How to color XML attribute value differences?

    I compare XML files containing lots of attributes. Compare finds the elements containing the differences and I can also code unimportant differences, so great.
    But when an element line is flagged as different, I need to manually search for the attribute value that caused the difference which is cumbersome. Different attributes (missing or extra) are colored
    I did reset my exceptions and view settings but did not help.
    How can I color the import attribute value differences?

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    The Next Difference Section button is on the toolbar, but the Next Difference command (Ctrl+Shift+N) will navigate to each difference in-line.

    By default, different text should be red by default, but you can enable/disable coloring for the other text in the line in the Tools menu -> Options, Tweaks tab, and update "Show syntax highlighting on difference lines."
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