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    I was wondering if there is anything available which will allow Beyond compare to recognise the structure and/or syntax of Dynamics Ax .xpo files?

    I've used Beyond Compare with Ax xpo files for some time now but it doesn't colourise the text or recognise any of the tags which indicate the different types of objects within the file (tables, classes, methods, EDTs, enums, etc.)

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    We don't have this format included by default or as an additional website download:

    You can use the Tools menu -> File Formats dialog to create a new format associated with this file extension. You can then define Grammar elements. If these elements use the same names as other formats, they will share that coloring. The coloring is defined for each grammar element name in the Tools menu -> Options dialog, Colors/Fonts tab, File views tab.

    We have a KB article on defining grammar elements (and controlling if they are Important or Unimportant) here:
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