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    Default How to serialize multiple copy operations? only one copy operation at a time?

    Assume I have opened multiple FolderCompare tabs.

    Then I want to start mutliple copy operations in all tabs.
    Since the dir trees are very huge or files very big or target disk very slow it could last for hours.

    And one more preference comes into play: I want to perform only ONE copy operation at a time.

    So when I start e.g. 5 copy operations (they appear at the bottom of the corresponding FolderCompare pane) they are executed in parallel. Normally this is welcomed. But occasionally I don't want this. A copy operation should start only if the previous copy is finished.

    How do I tell BeyondCompare to serialize the pending copy operations?

    I don't want to wait in front of computer and check it always manually since I want to do it e.g. over night.


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    Unfortunately, we do not currently have this feature. BC3 (and BC4) do not support serial queued operations, but it is something on our wishlist.

    If this is an FTP connection, you can limit the total FTP Connections of the saved Profile to "1", which would offer similar behavior. We do not currently support this option for other base folder types.
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