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    As pointed out on

    git difftool and git difftool path/to/file will always print the diff on the console
    git difftool head and git difftool head path/to/file will use Beyond compare (or whatever you configured) to show the diff.

    For whatever reason which seems to be missing from the GIT manual.

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    That sounds like a bug with the specific version of Git, or the .gitconfig is not properly configured for the current command line (git bash or command line) you are using.

    I would suggest running the --config command lines documented here on the same command line you are executing the "git difftool" command:

    This will help verify that the .gitconfig for the current view is configured, which should prompt for "Viewing (1/X) 'file.txt'. Launch bc [Y/n]"

    I would also suggest updating Git.
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    Default POSIX to Windows path conversion

    I've been using Beyond Compare with git for ages (using MacOS) but then I hit this sort of issue when trying to integrate with the new Windows Ubuntu bash tooling. I found a problem to do with the conversion of the posix folder path to windows. Once I found a way to convert the path to Windows both of the files appeared correctly. Word of warning though, apparently you're not supposed to edit the posix files with windows applications. I did have some strange behaviour with one file disappearing from the posix fs but still visible on the windows fs.

    The script I found for converting from posix to windows paths can be found here : I did have to make one modification so that the /tmp/ files could be found by BC4. I mentioned it in issue #7. The patch I mentioned was applied to commit b9e739c654274e600dca6a2435f8a40db24036fd on my local machine.

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