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    Exclamation "Show Left Newer and Left Orphans" doesn't seem to work?

    Having trouble with option "Show Left Newer and Left Orphans" :

    Presuming left side is all files/folders created at 11:50 am
    Presuming right side is all files/folders created before, at 10:00 am

    I want to see:
    a. all newly created files in left that dont exist in right
    b. all changed files on either side
    I don't want to see:
    a. files that exist in right but dont exist in left

    I expected that "Show Left Newer and Left Orphans" would accomplish that, but
    that does not work - it shows only the new files on left but does not show
    any changed files on either sides - essentially this option is behaving like
    "Show Left Orphans" option

    How to fix this?

    test case:

    mkdir -p left/folder1
    mkdir -p right/folder1
    mkdir -p left/folder2
    echo "hello" > left/file1.txt
    echo "hello world" > right/file1.txt
    echo "test2" > left/file2.txt
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    In this test case, right file1.txt is Newer, so the Display Filter of Left Newer and Orphans will exclude it. You can right click the toolbar to switch to Toggles to individually enable different criteria, and also include Left Newer, Right Newer, and Left Orphans. It looks like you also sent in an email (w/o example), which I replied to with more general tips and information.
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