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    Question Strip leading and trailing spaces from folder paths [Feature Request]


    Whitespace at the end of a folder path leads to a folder not being recognised in the mac version I am trying out. Paths selected from the terminal with a double-click have trailing whitespace. Ignoring/stripping it would make my workflow much easier when comparing paths on an iOS simulator which seem constantly to change and need re copy/pasting at every build / test run.


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    I see the issue you are running into. However, MacOS folders can have a name with an actual trailing space, such as "/Desktop/Name ". We would need to be able to copy and paste paths that have a trailing space since that is a valid path. Testing with "pwd" on the Terminal, this appears to add an additional space behind these as well, and looks like a bug with Terminal itself.

    Are you familiar with other applications which may strip out the trailing space or have an alternate strategy for dealing with this scenario?
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