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    Default Activate License via cmd/powershell?

    Hi all,

    I work as a help desk admin for a company whose developers have started using BC4 more and more. We have a 40-user license and our developers put in a help desk ticket when they wish to have their copy of BC activated. When they do that, I have to either walk over to their desk or remote into their machine to input the license key, since we wouldn't want to hand out the exact key and run the risk of them sharing it.

    To make this process simpler, is there any known way to activate BC4 on another domain computer via Command Prompt or Powershell? If so it would save me a good deal of time.

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    To register for all users, save the key as BC4Key.txt in the installation folder. If you installed to the default location, the path is "c:\program files\beyond compare 4\BC4Key.txt".

    To register for a single user account, save the key as "%appdata%\scooter software\beyond compare 4\BC4Key.txt".
    Chris K Scooter Software

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