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    Default I need to go through my archive of 4,000+ files, and delete the duplicate ones

    Hi! I currently have a folder with houses roughly 4,500 files (they're not images or text files, but are a proprietary filetype).

    Anyway, I got this archive by combining many many old archives from work, so there are a lot of files that are duplicates of each other, but have slight variations on file-names.

    Is there any way to basically scan the entire folder, and then have a batch or automated rule be implemented so that all items with a duplicate are narrowed down to one (the one with the file naming structure I like)?

    I don't know how to pull this off on Winmerge, since I'm not comparing texts nor trying to merge 2 folders.

    Any help?

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    Unfortunately, not with BC4. We don't have a scan function to search for duplicates. Our Folder Compare session can load two base folder locations side by side and align the items within by folder structure and file name. This will align the equally aligned items, but other items (moved, deleted, renamed) would be shown as Orphans/unaligned. Aligning on other criteria or scanning for duplicates is something on our wishlist.

    Our trial is fully featured if you wanted to give it a spin for our other functionality:

    Let us know if you have any questions.
    Aaron P Scooter Software

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