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    Exclamation Bug when screen resolution is 3840x2160

    The application can't be used in Ubuntu Linux, here is some info:

    ./+o+- mavila@mavila-Inspiron-7566
    yyyyy- -yyyyyy+ OS: Ubuntu 16.04 xenial
    ://+//////-yyyyyyo Kernel: x86_64 Linux 4.4.0-57-generic
    .++ .:/++++++/-.+sss/` Uptime: 11h 22m
    .:++o: /++++++++/:--:/- Packages: 2296
    o:+o+:++.`..```.-/oo+++++/ Shell: bash 4.3.46
    .:+o:+o/. `+sssoo+/ Resolution: 3840x2160
    .++/+:+oo+o:` /sssooo. DE: Unity 7.4.0
    /+++//+:`oo+o /::--:. WM: Compiz
    \+/+o+++`o++o ++////. WM Theme: Arc-Darker
    .++.o+++oo+:` /dddhhh. GTK Theme: Arc-Darker [GTK2/3]
    .+.o+oo:. `oddhhhh+ Icon Theme: ubuntu-mono-dark
    \+.++o+o``-````.hdhhhhh+ Font: Tahoma 12
    `+++ `ohhhhhhhhyo++os: CPU: Intel Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 3.5GHz
    .o:`.syhhhhhhh/.oo++o` GPU: GeForce GTX 960M
    /osyyyyyyo++ooo+++/ RAM: 4708MiB / 15885MiB
    ````` +oo+++o\:
    [mavila@mavila-Inspiron-7566 00:42:59] Downloads $

    Please see "Selection_002.png"
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    Linux toolbar scaling on high DPI displays should be fixed in Beyond Compare 4.2 beta. It's in internal testing now, but doesn't have a scheduled release date yet.

    We'll post an update to this forum thread when a fixed version is available.
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