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    Default Need help in comparing two files but without opening beyondcompare


    It is very good application that I have seen for file comparison.
    I am currently running some vbscript. through which I am copying different files to folders.

    Now, I want to compare those files with different version.(E.g. File 1 with version 1 with version 2).

    I want to prepare script which will call beyond compare through vbScript and then later on compare the files and finally returns the result in text format which I want to write into a excel file.

    Main condition in this I don't want to open beyond compare App. instead of that I want to use App's API. (I am licensed user of Beyond compare Application)

    Can you please help me to get this resolved as soon as possible.

    Thanks in advance.


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    We have a /quickcompare command line with return codes documented in the Help file -> Command Line Reference chapter. This can be called with
    bcompare.exe /quickcompare "c:\file1.txt" "c:\file2.txt"

    This will return values such as "1" for binary same or "11" for binary differences.
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