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    Unhappy Matching Folder Tags in Mac OSX

    Dear Fellow BC4 Users,

    Does anyone know of a way to compare folders in OS X (currently El Capitan) for folder tag color assignments (i.e. red, green, etc.). We mark our files and folder edits based on the OS X tag system, and after syncing folders across computers, when the files are updated the original tags remain the same. As and example file X has a red tag and is modified and changed to a green tag. When synced to the master drive, file X is updated but the original red tag remains which flags it for edit.

    Any ideas on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks for the feedback. BC4 does not currently support exposing, comparing, or syncing the tag information of folders or files, but I'll add it to our wishlist to compare and sync this information. The Copy function will copy the initial tag over while creating the folder in the destination, but overwriting this folder does not re-set the tags.
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