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    Default Feature Request: Only Compare Folders

    I often would like to compare or copy directory structures (ignoring their contents). I would like to see an option (under the "Structures" menu) to Only Compare Folders.

    Folders would then be treated much as files are currently treated in BC. i.e.:

    • I would see an orphan directory ONLY if there were no corresponding directory on the other side. (I would NOT see a directory as an orphan simply because it contained orphan files or subdirectories.)

    • Copying a directory to the other side would ONLY copy the directory (and optionally subdirectories), NOT the files within it/them.

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    In our Toolbars/Etc you can enable the Folder Compare's "Show None" command, or use the file name filter -*.* to remove all files. Also enable the structure mode to Always Show Folders, and this combination will show only the folder structure with no files.
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