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    Default Copying a file by creating a new file each time.

    I am trying to take an Excel file from one location and copy it to another location. I do not want to copy and replace, but rather once a day take a version of the file and make a new file each time it copies over to the backup location. A preferable format might be "table111516.xls" for copy today, then "table111616.xls" for the copy the next day. It could also be 01, 02...

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    BC3 supports one level of backup, but not more than one (to create each day). The solution would be to use the copyto script command, which can take an arbitrary location, and add %date% to the destination path:
    load "c:\folder1" "c:\destination"
    select left.newer.files left.orphan.files
    copyto "c:\destination\backuppath%date%"

    This would create a new folder for each backup, and give that folder a name containing the date. We do not have a method of appending the filename itself.
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