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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim View Post
    You don't have to use Favorites on the toolbar in order to get the keyboard shortcuts. You can assign shortcuts to your most commonly used combinations, and still have Toggles on the toolbar. The shortcut will quickly set your Toggles to a specific pattern.
    Oh yes, now I get it. I tried this out and switching back to the Cirrus-session after a while I kept hitting F5 (fast refresh) grumbling why the different files wouldn't show up.
    So I did a tedious complete refresh as well and then I noticed I had forgot to switch back the filter mode to include all diffs... Thus I keep voting for the menus to re-appear .

    While I'm at it, why have you removed the &C shortcut for Actions->Copy?
    In BC2 I used to diff files by using the mouse with right hand checking the diffs, then doing Alt-A+C to bring up the copy dialog and hit S (Start) and be done with it.
    Now I must move my hand from the mouse to hit Ctrl-L (or for Alt-C+Enter). Not a big deal but IMHO it is another "annoying" thing that I did easier in BC2 .


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    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Bulgrien View Post
    Perhaps "ø" would be a good symbol for a "Filter All" favorite???
    Show None is now available as hidden-by-default command. You can expose it on the toolbar or menu, and assign a shortcut to it.

    You can use Show None in conjunction with Complete Folder Display, to compare folder structures without all those pesky files getting in the way.
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