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    Red face Multiple File comparison - Ignore un important is not showing in the report


    I am trying to compare multiple files which are placed in two seperate folders.
    Created a grammer to ignore one un important.
    When I select all files and compare, and generate a report, differences are getting generated, but even after selecting the option of ignore un important, still those ignorable items are visible in the report.
    when I select one file at a time and generate comparison report, it works fine and ignoring the un important.
    but when I select multiple files then the report is not ignoring the un important.
    Please suggest

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    When you select multiple files, different dialogs can appear depending on which files are selected. Are you seeing the File Compare Report dialog or Text Compare Report dialog? Is "Ignore Unimportant" enabled in this dialog before you generate the report?

    Is that grammar Unimportant by default on the Home screen, in the saved Sessions list, expand the New folder and select Text Compare, and update the default by unchecking that grammar element name.
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